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Master the Art of Questioning

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ALX Academy proudly presents a comprehensive online audio course designed to help you master the art of questioning across various industries. Dive into the world of effective questioning techniques and learn how to ask the right questions in any professional setting. With our carefully curated content, you'll be able to improve your communication skills, foster deeper connections, and gather valuable insights, all through the power of asking the right questions. Course Overview: The audio course is divided into 10 modules, each focusing on a specific questioning technique and its application in various industries. Module 1: Introduction to Questioning Techniques: 4 Minutes The importance of asking questions in professional settings 3 Minutes Overview of the 9 questioning techniques Definition and characteristics Industry examples and applications Module 2: Open Questions: 5 Minutes Module 3: Closed Questions: 5 Minutes Module 4: Probing Questions: 5 Minutes Module 5: New Perspective Questions: 5 Minutes Module 6: Neutralising Loaded Questions: 5 Minutes Module 7: Funnel Questions: 5 Minutes Module 8: Recall and Process Questions: 5 Minutes Module 9: Rhetorical Questions: 5 Minutes Module 10: Leading Questions: 5 Minutes Total course 60 Minutes Course Features: High-quality vidoe and audio content, accessible anytime, anywhere Real-life industry examples to illustrate each questioning technique. Downloadable transcripts for further study

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